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Meet Elizabeth DiGiorgio,
The Owner & Custom Hat Designer for Ella James Hattery

Hi there! My name is Elizabeth DiGiorgio, owner of the Storybrick Salon and Ella James Hattery. I am a hat designer/ hair and makeup stylist/and mother. I have three jobs. I have been doing hair and makeup for 12 years and I still love it. My clients keep asking me if I will stop doing hair once the hat biz is big enough. And I don’t know. I will probably need to, but for now the hair biz mixes well with the hat biz.

My dream is for Ella James Hattery to become an international brand. My goal in the next few months is to have celebrities start to wear and promote my brand. I am working on mass producing my best selling hat and will carry this hat in boutiques/stores nationwide. I have been approached by many boutiques who want to carry my hats…so now I just need to make the production side happen.

I think derby hats are what I am best at. My hats have been in magazines, TV, and I can make custom orders. I have so much fun making them for my clients!


If you are interested in discussing a custom derby hat please contact me through the contact link above!



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